New Dawn Labrador Retrievers is located at W5392 Cheesebrough Rd., Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538.  We are located just off Highway 12/89 between Fort Atkinson and Whitewater, Wi.  Turn onto Cheesebrough Rd. (only goes one way).  Turn into the very first driveway - on the left.  Driveway is about 600 feet long - gravel.  The house is a Tri-level.  There is plenty of room to park and turn around.  Feel free to park wherever you want.  You can turn around on the yard if you need to.  I have a laid back country home on 40 acres of land, woods, and a couple of ponds out in back. 

Please note:  You must have an appointment before stopping by .  I welcome visitors but with puppies, there are times that I don't open my home to visitors for the health of my pups.  PLEASE do not come here after immediately visiting another kennel during the day.  It's just too easy to carry illness on your shoes and clothes.  Thank you for your kind consideration of my request. 

Appointments should be on time.  I may have other customers visiting the same day and I have allowed time for each family for one on one time with my girls and puppies.  I also have a feeding schedule - if you don't show up on time, the pups might have just been fed or I have waited to feed them because of our appointment time.

If you need help finding my home, call 920-728-5227 or 920-563-5474
Valerie McClellan - Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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